Random Trader EA 2.0

Handelsroboter für Metatrader (MT4)

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    This EA trades in a completely random fashion with customizable lotsize, stop-loss and take-profit levels.

    • Easy to use and supervise
    • Good for rebate generation
    • Customizable SL, TP and lotsize
    • Great for benchmarking tests against other EAs
    • Works for ECN/Non-ECN brokers and 2-3-4-5 digit symbols
    • Trading is FIFO (NFA) Compliant

    Have fun and generate rebates with the PZ Random Trader EA, like hundreds of users have already done!

  • ? FAQ
    No, you can't. All trades need SL and TP!
    Does the EA use tick data?
    No, it does not. It uses only HLOC data from the current chart.
    How often does the EA trade?
    The EA will trade once the current bar closes if there are no trades on the chart,
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Random Trader EA EA for Metatrader