Equity Guardian 1.0

Metatrader (MT4) Expert Advisor

"Experienced traders control risk and
inexperienced traders chase gains."
- Alan Farley
The Pz Equity Guardian is an expert advisor that constantly monitors the equity of your trading account and prevents costly drawdowns.
  • It monitors your entire trading account
  • Easy to use! Just drag it to a random empty chart
  • It implements two different emergency procedures
  • Customizable drawdown levels
  • Visual, mail and push alerts
The Pz Equity Guardian is a must-have tool for money managers! When an emergency procedure takes place, you are notified by visual, email and push alerts.
  • The 1st procedure closes half the volume of all losing trades
  • The 2nd procedure closes all losing trades completely
  • Every transaction is dumped to the expert tab of the terminal
  • Enhance your trading activity with the best and most complete drawdown control expert advisor.


Frequently Asked Questions
Does the expert advisor affect pending orders?
Is there any lag between the drawdown and the closing of trades?
Are drawdown levels customizable?