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Easy Trading EA 3.9

Robot giao dịch dùng cho MetaTrader (MT4/MT5)

  • Tổng quan

    A simple trade assistant that allows to easily buy and sell with the desired leverage. It was created for the eventual or novice trader and inspired in popular web-based trading platforms such as eToro or Binary.com. It features a set of trading buttons implementing different leverage options, and an additional button to close all trades. All trades are placed with a stop-loss according to the leverage used. It'll be particularly useful to those traders migrating from other platforms to Metatrader.

    • Intuitive interface
    • Especially useful for short-term trades
    • Trade lightning fast with keyboard shortcuts
    • Money management made easy

    The EA implements a strict leverage control mechanism and will prevent losses exceeding the account capital.

    Trade with keyboard shortcuts

    • Double B: Press B twice and the EA will buy
    • Double S: Press S twice and the EA will sell
    • Double C: Press C twice and the EA will close all trades in the current chart
  • Thông số Nhập

    Khi tải Robot giao dịch vào bất kỳ biểu đồ nào, bạn sẽ thây một tập hợp các tùy chọn làm tham số đầu vào. Đừng lo lắng và nghĩ rằng chúng quá nhiều, bởi vì các tham số đã được nhóm lại thành các nhóm để dễ hiểu.

    Magic Number
    Magic Number used to place trades.
    Desired slippage to use when closing trades.
    Risk Per Trade
    Risk for each trade expressed as percentage of free margin. Default is 5%. Maximum is 100%.
    Manual Pip Value
    Pip value for the symbol. Zero means the EA will auto-calculate it.
    Default leverage to use when placing trades using keyboard shortcuts.
  • ? Câu hỏi thường gặp
    How is the exposure calculated?
    The EA uses free margin to calculate the exposure for each trade and adjusts the SL accordingly, as to achieve the desired leverage and do not risk more than the desired deposit load.
    Why is the lot decreasing with every subsequent trade?
    The EA uses free margin as a reference for every trade, which decreases with every subsequent trade. So the lotsize will be decreasing with every trade, even if you use the same leverage all the time.
    Does it place stoploss orders?
    Yes, it does, according to the leverage used.
    Does it place takeprofit orders?
    No, it does not. You can place the TP manually later.

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Easy Trading EA EA for Metatrader