Trade Pad EA 3.0

Эксперт помощник Metatrader (MT4/MT5)

  • Обзор

    This simple visual expert advisor allows you to trade easily from the chart. It handles risk management for you and can perform several useful tasks with your existing trades, saving time and making risk-management for each individual trade easier.

    • Trade easily from the chart
    • Trade with precise risk management, hassle free
    • Set your desired stop-loss and take-profit levels
    • Close all existing trades with a single click
    • Delete all pending orders with a single click
    • Reap partial profits with a single click

    The EA offers the following buttons and actions:

    • BUY: The EA will perform risk management for this trade, and buy at market
    • SELL: The EA will perform risk management for this trade and sell at market
    • Delete all pending orders: The EA will remove all pending orders from the chart
    • Close 50% of the volume: The EA will close 50% of the trades currently at a profit
    • Close all trades now: The EA will close all trades in the chart

    The EA has the following input fields:

    • Lotsize: Type the lotsize or risk per trade you want to take
    • Fixed Lot: If chosen, the EA will trade your manual lotsize
    • % of Equity: If chosen, the EA will auto-calcuate the lotsize
    • Stoploss: Stop-loss in pips for your trades
    • Takeprofit: Take-profit in pips for your trades

    Kindly note that the EA will perform risk management using free margin, not equity nor balance.

  • ? FAQ
    Is the EA NFA/FIFO Compliant?
    The EA is FIFO Compliant or no depending how you use it.
    Do I need a VPS to run the EA?
    No, you do not. It is just a trade panel to place trades and perform tasks.
    What Magic Number does the EA use to place trades?
    It places trades with a Magic Number of Zero. Just like manual trades.
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Trade Pad EA EA for Metatrader