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Gold Trader EA 4.0

Handelsroboter für Metatrader (MT4)

  • Übersicht

    This EA implements a fully functional trading strategy designed to trade Gold (XAUUSD). The EA takes advantage of the COMEX price manipulation during the New York session, by buying dips on the Asian session and closing all exposure before the New York session begins.

    • Easy to set up and supervise
    • No indicators or hard analysis needed
    • The strategy is timeframe-independent
    • It blends a fundamental approach with a technical execution
    • NFA/FIFO compliant.

    The EA capitalizes on the price manipulation perpetrated by the COMEX.

    • It needs no optimization
    • It leaves no room for human error
    • It is safe because it uses little leverage
    • It has no discretionary input parameters

    Take advantage of artificially depressed gold prices, starting today.

  • Eingabe-Parameter

    Wenn Sie den Experten in ein beliebiges Diagramm laden, wird Ihnen eine Reihe von Optionen als Eingabeparameter angezeigt. Verzweifeln Sie nicht, wenn Sie denken, dass es zu viele sind, denn die Parameter sind in selbsterklärende Blöcke gruppiert.

    Time Settings (GMT)
    The EA will trade from 00:00 until 03:30, and exit all trades before the london session starts.
    RSI Settings
    The RSI Indicator is used to find and buy dips. Period and trading levels are customizable.
    Weekday Settings
    Enable or disable trading for each day of the week.
    Money Management
    The EA can auto-calculate the lotsize, or you can set the lotsize manually.
    EA Settings
    Additionally, you can choose the magic number and comment for the orders.
  • ? FAQ
    Can I trade other forex pairs with this EA?
    No, you can't. Please trade only XAUUSD.
    What timeframe should I trade with it?
    The EA uses no timeframes at all. Load it into XAUUSD at any timeframe.
    Can I select the lot size?
    Yes, but it is recommended to use the auto
    Is this strategy NFA/FIFO compliant?
    Yes, it is.
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Gold Trader EA EA for Metatrader
Gold Trader EA EA for Metatrader
Gold Trader EA EA for Metatrader