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Double Top / Bottom 5.6

Technischer Indikator für Metatrader (MT4/MT5)

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    The PZ Double Top/Bottom Indicator is a technical analysis tool that helps traders identify potential price reversal patterns in the market. These patterns, known as double tops and bottoms, are characterized by two consecutive peaks or valleys in the price of an asset. Double tops and bottoms are often seen as potential reversal patterns because they can signal a change in the direction of the current trend.

    The PZ Double Top/Bottom Indicator provides clear trading signals to help traders identify these patterns and make informed decisions about their trades. In addition to identifying double tops and bottoms, the indicator also provides performance statistics, customizable recognition ratios, and displays suitable stop-loss and take-profit levels to help traders manage their trades.

    Some other features of the PZ Double Top/Bottom Indicator include customizable colors and sizes, email/sound/visual alerts. This indicator is easy to use and can be a valuable tool for traders looking to capitalize on potential price reversal patterns in the market.

    Please note that these patterns can sometimes expand, and the indicator may repaint to follow the pattern. However, the indicator implements a twist to make it easier to trade by waiting for a Donchian breakout in the right direction before signaling the trade, making its signals very reliable and mostly non-repainting.

  • Eingabe-Parameter

    Wenn Sie den Experten in ein beliebiges Diagramm laden, wird Ihnen eine Reihe von Optionen als Eingabeparameter angezeigt. Verzweifeln Sie nicht, wenn Sie denken, dass es zu viele sind, denn die Parameter sind in selbsterklärende Blöcke gruppiert.

    The amplitude represents the minimum amount of bars between alternative price points. To find big patterns, increase the amplitude parameter. To find smaller patterns, decrease the amplitude parameter.
    Breakout Period
    A donchian breakout is needed for a signal to arise after a pattern is found, and this indicator controls the amount of bars used in aforementioned breakout.
    Min. Retracement
    The minimum fibonacci retracement needed in a pattern.
    Max. Retracement
    The maximum fibonacci retracement possible in a pattern.
    Max History Bars
    Amount of past bars to evaluate when the indicator loads in the chart.
    Display Stats
    Show or hide the statistics dashboard and performance data.
    Display SL/TP Levels
    Show or hide the suitable stop-loss and take-profit levels for each signal.
    Drawing Options
    Colors and sizes for bullish or bearish lines and labels, as well as font sizes.
    Colors and sizes for breakout arrows.
    Alert Events
    Enable or disable alerts for patterns and breakouts.
    Enable or disable alerts at will.
  • ? FAQ
    Does the indicator repaint?
    Yes, the indicator can repaint if the market ignores a pattern and keeps moving in the same direction. However, breakouts are mostly non repainting. A high "breakout period" value will decrease the repainting significantly.
    Does the indicator implement alerts?
    Yes, it does. It implements alerts of all kinds.
  • </> Entwickler

    Um Ihren Handelsroboter zu erstellen, können Sie Daten aus dem Indikator lesen, indem Sie die Funktion iCustom() wie unten dargestellt verwenden. Der Indikator hat einen zusätzlichen Puffer, dessen einziger Zweck es ist, Handelssignale als Konstanten zu speichern: dies ist der einzige Puffer, aus dem Sie lesen müssen. Kopieren Sie den unten stehenden Code und fügen Sie ihn in Ihren EA ein, und ersetzen Sie den Indikatornamen des iCustom()-Aufrufs durch Ihren eigenen.

    //---- Read value from data buffer
    int start()
    // Read signal and pattern
    double pattern = iCustom(Symbol(), Period(), "PZ_DoubleTopBottom_LICENSENUM", 0, 1);
    double signal   = iCustom(Symbol(), Period(), "PZ_DoubleTopBottom_LICENSENUM", 1, 1);
    // Do something
    if(pattern == OP_BUY)    { /* Your code for double bottom (no breakout yet) */ }
    if(pattern == OP_SELL)   { /* Your code for double top (no breakout yet) */ }
    if(signal == OP_BUY)      { /* Your code for bullish breakout */ }
    if(signal == OP_SELL)     { /* Your code for bearish breakout */ }
    if(signal == EMPTY_VALUE) { /* Your code if no pattern or breakout */}
    // Exit


Double Top / Bottom Indicator for Metatrader
Double Top / Bottom Indicator for Metatrader
Double Top / Bottom Indicator for Metatrader
Double Top / Bottom Indicator for Metatrader
Double Top / Bottom Indicator for Metatrader
Double Top / Bottom Indicator for Metatrader
Double Top / Bottom Indicator for Metatrader