Three Drives 5.0

Metatrader (MT4) Indicator

"The trend is your friend until it stabs you in the back."
- Greg Guenthner
The Three Drives pattern is a 6-point reversal pattern characterised by a series of higher highs or lower lows that complete at a 127% or 161.8% Fibonacci extension.
  • Find Three Drives patterns easily
  • Learn the basics of harmonic patterns
  • Useful to find cheap and expensive zones
  • Customizable 1-2-3 and 0-A-B ratios (for purists)
  • It implements visual/sound/push/mail alerts
It signals that the market is exhausted and a reversal can happen.
  • Bullish retracements are blue
  • Bearish retracements are red
  • The breakout period for the trade is customizable
Enhance your trading activity with the best and most complete AB=CD fibonacci retracements indicator.


Frequently Asked Questions
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