Lopez Efficiency 1.0

Metatrader (MT4/MT5) Indicator

"Control your own destiny or someone else will."
- Jack Welch
The Lopez Efficiency indicator analyzes how efficient is the current market movement based on the true high-low ratio of a certain number of bars.
  • The ratio is the effectiveness of the market movement
  • A ratio below 1 means the market is going nowhere
  • A ratio above 1 means the market is starting to show directionality
  • A ratio above 2 means the market is showing effective movement
  • A ratio above 3 means the market moved too much: it will halt or retrace
It has straightforward trading implications.
  • Look for positional opportunities when the line is red
  • Look for range trading opportunities when the ratio is orange
  • Look for trend trading opportunities when the ratio is blue
Boost your trading returns with the cleanest market efficiency, just like hundreds of users have already done.


How is the indicator calculated?

The indicator displays how many typical true ranges has the market moved during the desired number of bars. The typical true range is the average true high-low range from the last number of bars, which is later compared with the absolute market movement during the same period of time.

The indicator ratio gives you a measure of market efficiency, as a ratio between the range and the market movement. Zero means the market is not efficient and is going nowhere.

Frequently Asked Questions
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