Gold Trader EA 1.5

Metatrader (MT4) Expert Advisor

  • Overview

    The Gold Trader EA is a Metatrader4 (MT4) Expert Advisor designed to trade GOLD (XAUUSD) which implements a complete and fully-functional grid trading strategy, with trading settings hard-coded into the EA to avoid human error.

    • Easy to set up and supervise
    • No indicators or hard analysis needed
    • The strategy is timeframe-independent
    • Extracts money out of the market regularly

    The Gold Trader EA has a set of unique features:

    • It needs no optimization at all
    • It leaves no room for human error
    • It is safe because it uses little leverage
    • It has no discretionary input parameters
    • It has built-in money and risk management
    • It implements two risk profiles: recommended and overleveraged

    Boost your trading activity with the most easy-to-use GOLD forex robot. All you need is a Virtual Private Server (VPS) and stamina to handle the open trades!

  • Input parameters
    Input parameters

    When loading the indicator to any chart, you will be presented with a set of options as input parameters. Don't despair if you think they are too many, because parameters are grouped into self-explanatory blocks.

    Select your funds and risk profile
    You must instruct the EA how much money to allocate into the trading activity and the risk profile, which can be recommended or overleveraged. Both inputs are a drop-down list.
    Trading settings
    The EA decides when to buy or sell, but you can disable long or short positions.
    Colors and sizes.
    The EA displays informative lines and labels on the chart, which color and size you can customize.
    EA Settings
    Additionally, you can choose the magic number and comment for the orders.
  • ? FAQ
    Can I trade other forex pairs with this EA?
    No, you can't. The EA will only trade XAUUSD.
    What timeframe should I trade with it?
    The EA uses no timeframes at all. Load it into XAUUSD at any timeframe and that's it.
    Can I select the lot size?
    No, you can't. The EA handles risk management according to your risk profile.
    How often is the EA updated?
    This expert advisor has constant updates, every 3-6 months.
    Is this strategy FIFO compliant?
    No, it is not.


Gold Trader EA EA for Metatrader
Gold Trader EA EA for Metatrader
Gold Trader EA EA for Metatrader